TurboSmart WG45 Hyper-Gate45 GenV Motorsport Wastegate Black (14 PSI Spring)


The Gen-V WG45M Hyper-Gate45 Motorsport external wastegate is a cost-effective, high performing 45mm external wastegate designed specifically for endurance racing or where water cooling is not available and high thermal thresholds are required for extended periods of time. The Gen-V provides extensive user configurability, world-leading extended thermal performance, fatigue resistance, and best-in-class flow performance for optimum control and longevity.

- CFD-driven heat sink design
- Liquid cooling provision
- Strap-type V-band clamps
- User-adjustable actuator position
- Modular actuator design
- Standard / Compressed Gas configurations available.
- Anodized Black

- 14 PSI Spring (pre-installed)
- Inlet and outlet weld flanges and V-Band clamps
- Valve seat
- 2 x 1/16 NPT pressure nipples
- 2 x 1/16 NPT Blanks
- Collar removal tool
- Kit Builder Packs available to customer specifications
- Fits all popular 44mm flanges

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