Tomei Exhaust Silencer 105mm

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The Tomei Exhaust Silencer comes in a 105MM sizing to fit Tomei Exhaust Systems with this tip sizing. This could also work other exhaust systems or custom exhaust systems with similar sizing. Exhaust silencers are a great alternative for those of you who live in areas that have noise ordinances, or they are great for those of you who go to work really early, and don't want to upset the neighbors.  Installation is pretty simple. Some Tomei exhaust systems will come with little holes at the end of the exhaust tip. This is a provision to install a silencer. The silencer simply fits inside the muffler tip, and there is a screw to hold it in place.

- 1 x Tomei 105mm (4 inch) Stainless Steel Silencer

Tomei Exhausts TB6090-TY01B / TB6090-TY01A / 440020 / 440019 / TB6090-HN04A

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