StopTech Power Slot Slotted Rear Left Rotor 2008-2017 STI


SportStop Slotted: Excessive heat can cause resins in your brake pad to vaporize or "outgas." As the brake pad wears, the used friction material turns into a fine dust. This boundary layer of heat, gas and dust builds up between the pad and rotor surfaces and inhibits performance. Here's where StopTech SportStop slotted brake rotors make a big difference. StopTech SportStop Slotted Brake Rotors are a true performance rotor and feature:

Engineered Performance Rotor
Superior resistance to cracking due to thermal stress
Increased molybdenum (higher carbon)content that extends reliability, service life and helps reduce NVH “noise” issues
Rotor material is a direct descendant of the patented AeroRotor from StopTech
Introducing directional curve vane design (on select applications)
Improved vane design or OE equivalent on all rotors
Center split castings
New short slot design runs perpendicular to the vane to preserve rotor strength.
Direct OE Replacement
Improved wet weather response
Increased initial “bite”
Double disc ground for a consistent friction surface and Improved pad bed-in
Mill balanced
Black E-Coated non-friction surfaces on “Power Alloy” rotors
Enhances open wheel appearance
- Sold Individually

2008-2014 STI
2015-2017 STI

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