SMY Subaru V2 MAX Top Feed PTFE Fuel Line Kit w/ Fuel Pressure Regulator


Lifetime Warranty On All SMY Fuel Kits, Fittings and Fuel Lines

The SMY fuel line kit shown here is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their OEM fueling setup. This kit will support up to 1000 hp. Our fuel lines are not the simple cheap rubber hoses with a nice jacket as supplied on many other kits. Our PTFE fuel lines are reinforced with braided stainless steel, then to make it pretty they are wrapped in a gloss black PVC Coated jacket. We also include all high-end AN fittings, even to the hard lines. This kit will remove the OEM fuel pressure regulators and replace them with an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator.

- Full Fuel Line Upgrade Kit (PVC Coated)
- Custom SMY FPR Bracket (V2 upgraded)
- Forged 90 degree Full Flow PTFE Fittings
- All Black Anodized AN Fittings
- Y-Fitting (For Equal Fuel Distribution)

- E85 Compatible
- Supports up to 1000 hp
- Fixes the Fuel STUMBLE / Hiccup
- Parallel Fuel Line Setup

- 6 x Pre Assembled -6 PTFE fuel lines with fittings (Teflon Core Hose / Steel Braided and PVC Coated)
- 1 x FPR Bracket and screw (for Aeromotive part# 13136)
- 1 x Y-Adapter (6an)
- 2 x EFI Quick Disconnect 6AN to 5/16 Fittings
- 3 x Radius Port Adapter (6AN) Fittings
- 4 x Straight Cut -8AN to -6AN Fittings
- 1 x 6an Dual Hose Separator
- 1 x Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (Adjustable Pressure from 30-70 PSI) 13136
- 1 x TurboSmart Liquid Filled FPR Gauge 1/8 NPT (0-100 PSI)
- Zip Ties

- Professional Installation Recommended
- AN Tools Recommended avoiding scoring of the AN fittings
- Hand Tighten all fittings and mount all hoses prior to fully tighten all fittings
- Custom Tuning Required
- Fuel Pressure Regulator Is Installed on the Driver side of the Intake Manifold using Supplied Bracket

2002-2007 WRX (optional Upgrades needed see options)
2004-2006 STI (w/ Aftermarket Top Feed TGVs) (optional Upgrades needed see options)
2007 STI

2008-2014 WRX
2008-2014 STI
2015-2021 STI

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Color Black
Manufacturer SMY
Price 585.00
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