ISC Suspension N1 Coilovers Street Sport Series 2008-2014 WRX


The ISC N1 Coilover system is the optimum suspension tool for improved handling for your street, track or drift car. This product is perfect for someone looking for performance, adjust-ability, and other high quality features in a package that will not break the bank. ISC coilovers are also 100% rebuildable!

- 6061 Aluminum
- Top Grade Hardware, Pillowball Bearings
- Street Seal (TM) corrosion protectant technology
- Anodized Finish
- Light weight
- Large Adjustment Range


- Single Cylinder Mono-Tube design
- 32-way adjustable
- The mono-tube design damper will provide consistent valving without the risk of cavitation
- These are high-pressure to reduce body roll and are 100% efficient through all temperatures
- Larger pistons allow more oil flow which creates improved damping and to sustain higher forces
- Three valving options include Street, Street Sport, and Track Race
- Valving will increase in stiffness from lowest to highest depending on your driving style
- Piston and rod design
- Shafts are valved according to the spring rate
- Shock Dyno-tested
- Ride height adjustable by as much as 3 inches
- Height adjustable by the strut body
- 6061 aluminum alloy locks and brackets
- Top hats come pre-installed
- Front top hats are camber adjustable
- Spanner Wrenches included for height adjustment

2008-2014 WRX

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