GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley Black 2015-2021 WRX


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Your factory crank pulley is responsible for transferring energy from your crankshaft to your water pump, a/c compressor and alternator. It does this by way of a rubber belt and it does it's job well. The drawback to the factory pulley is that it's quite heavy. Reasons for this include less expensive manufacturing and using the pulley's mass to smooth out 'noise' in the accessory system (NOT to be confused with functioning as a harmonic dampener, which it does not). The GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley reduces the rotational mass of the system, allowing your engine to accelerate and decelerate the rotating assembly more quickly.

- 75% Reduction in Rotating Mass - weighs 1.1lb vs the 4.4lb OEM pulley
- Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum - high quality, precision construction
- Hard Anodized Finish - ensures a durable finish and resists corrosion
- Removal Tool Mounting - allows the use of the GrimmSpeed Crank Pulley Tool
- Factory Fitment - direct replacement for easy installation


2015-2018 WRX
2019-2021 WRX (REQUIRES GrimmSpeed Crank Hub Part# 095034)
2013-2020 BRZ
2013-2016 FRS
2017-2019 FT86

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