Eibach Camber Bolts 5.81260K 2002-2021 WRX / STI


Depending on the design of your vehicle’s suspension, this kit contains all necessary components to re-position the angle of your wheels to correct the negative camber that results after ride height is lowered. It restores wheels from an excessive inward tilt at the top to a more upright position for better grip, handling, and safety under any driving condition.

- Eibach camber bolts allow you to adjust +/- 1.75 degrees; which will allow you to compensate for lowering your vehicle and return it to OEM alignment specs. The increased adjustment will also enable experienced suspension tuners to increase camber for improved off-road performance.

2002-2007 WRX (Front & Rear)
2004-2007 STI (Front & Rear)
2002-2012 Impreza (Front ONLY)
2008-2014 WRX (Front ONLY)
2008-2014 STI (Front ONLY)
2015-2021 WRX (Front ONLY)
2015-2021 STI (Front ONLY)
2005-2012 Legacy (Front ONLY)

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Color Black
Manufacturer Eibach
Price 31.00
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