EBC Brakes S5 Yellowstuff Pads & 3GD Rotors Rear Brake Kit 2008-2017 STI

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Stage 5 Super Street Dimpled and Slotted Rear Brake Kit (S5KR1135) by EBC®. The EBC Stage 5 SuperStreet Brake Kit is designed for those looking for heavy-duty high gripping pads and rotors. Thanks to the 4000 Series Yellowstuff Street and Track Pads matched with some of the coolest rotors you're sure to get smooth, consistent braking every time you hit the brake pedal. The anodized layer is designed to disappear in the area that the brake pads contact the rotor.

- Angled slots on rotor surfaces allow superior expulsion of heat, water, brake dust, and friction gases.
- Round indents in the rotors surface further increase cooling without the risk of cracking that drill-through holes pose.
- Black GEOMET™ and NITROTHERM™ anti corrosive finish.
- Brake rotors are unidirectional to the left and right side of your vehicle to maximize effectiveness.
- 3GD vented centers feature a wider aperture for air to pass between both rotor sides for superior cooling.
- EBC recommends a 500 mile break in period with lighter braking application.
- Designed to provide an optimum combination of street and racetrack performance.
- Unique composition allows high braking friction when brakes are cold.
- Features a cold friction rating of 0.5.
- Backing plate and side edges of brake pad are yellow powder coated for resistance to corrosion.
- Pad surfaces have chamfered edges to reduce contact against rotor lip that forms over time and causes squealing.
- Center gap allows for proper heat expansion of brake pads.
- Built in noise-reducing shims.
- Provides equivalent performance to GG-rated brake pads.
- Patented Brake-In™ red pad surface coating provides better grip during the first 100 miles after new pads are installed.
- Patented Brake-In™ red pad surface coating scours off any existing glaze or heat spots from brake rotor surface for more even surface mating.

- Pair Rear Rotors GD1511
- Set of Rear Yellow Pads DP41537R

2008-2014 STI
2015-2017 STI

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Color Black
Manufacturer EBC
Stock Status Special Order
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