Driveshaft Shop 800HP Rear Axle 2009-2021 STI

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Its been a long time coming for this set of axles. When the STi came out, many had surpassed the 600HP mark and we went right from the axle bar upgrades using the factory CV's to the level 5 Axle and Hub kits. Some time has passed and the cars are starting to get older, and most builds are under 800HP so we decided to make a direct bolt in axle that will support 800WHP.   This is similar to our Level 5 axle except the outer CV is made from Billet Chromoly and the internals are also made from the same high grade material, while using the original spline size to fit the stock hubs. To make sure the center bar was up to the task of hard launches, autocross and rally demands, we have decided to use the new 300M material we have been getting directly from the mill in Sweden (*Ovar). This material has proven to be without a doubt the strongest and most resilient bar material we have used to date. Also we have recently changed the inner CV from a tripod design to a full ball and cage design with a larger radius to the spline plug for added strength. So there you have it, a direct fit axle that will with stand the most violent launches, time attack or rally applications.

These axle are for the 2009-2019 STi models ONLY
Drive Shaft Shop usually makes these to order so wait time can be up to 3 weeks.
Priced Individually.

2009-2014 STI
2015-2021 STI

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Color Black
Manufacturer DriveShaft Shop
Price 799.00
Sales Price 577.49
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