Driveshaft Shop 500HP Conversion Rear Axle 2002-2007 WRX Hubs with R180

Special Price $943.33 Regular Price $992.98

Any WRX guy doing a 6 speed swap knows how hard and expensive it can be to find STI rear hubs and axles and even then, they are still stock axles! Thanks to Driveshaft Shop, you can now swap that R180 differential without swapping your rear hubs.;WRX (GD) with R180 differential conversion 500HP Rear Axles (R180 Differential ONLY).

- Proprietary Outer CV Joint
- Aerospace grade Torsional 32 Spline Axle Bars (OEM only has 29 Splines)
- Billet Ball Cage Inner CV w/ High Grade Inner Differential Spline for R180 Differential
- 500 HP Rated Rear Axles

- R180 Differential ONLY.  If you are using the R160 differential see sku # RA8524X4
- Sold Individually

2002-2007 WRX


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