Driveshaft Shop 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Driveshaft 2008-2014 WRX SUSH11-C

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The 1-piece Driveshaft for the Subaru WRX Sti is a complete 2.370" Carbon Fiber shaft that is approximately 1/2 the weight of the factory 2-piece Driveshaft. The 1-piece carbon shaft features larger, replaceable u-joints and can handle about 850WHP and 180 MPH. We had the tubing custom wound with a high modulus fiber to ensure the strength while making it small enough to clear everything under the car. All of the factory shields, plates and covers can be used without any alteration to the car at all. The ends are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and that shaft weighs a mere 12.2lbs. Not only will the car feel more responsive but it will also make a noticeable difference on the noise level in the car.
By removing the factory 2-piece shaft and installing a single shaft, the car will feel more responsive due to the lighter weight of the shaft and also the fact that the hanger bearing is not moving up and down during acceleration. Available for most popular motor/trans combinations, if you don’t see yours listed, custom shafts are also available.

- This Driveshaft is rated to 850WHP and a top speed of 180MPH and is not recommended for use above this speed.
- Lighter than OEM
- Stronger than OEM
- 12.2 LBS

What do you get out of the Carbon Driveshaft?
- 60% lighter
- Amazing relief on rotational mass, but mainly, great daily driveability smooth and fast acceleration
- Smooth jerk-less deceleration, even when in the low gears and heavily underpowered
Since you have 2 driveshafts connected, your car buckles when slowing down, but now you convert to a lightweight, and single shaft, You should be expecting a smooth ride, and downshifts and deceleration of a hyper-car like Ferrari, SLS, Mclaren, Porsche and double clutches when decelerating.

2008-2014 WRX

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Color Carbon Fiber
Manufacturer DriveShaft Shop
Price 1,499.00
Sales Price 1,349.98
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