Diode Dynamics SwitchBack Front Turn Signals LED Amber/White (Pair) 2008-2014 WRX / STI

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1157 Switchback HP24 is a direct replacement for any 1157-size front turn signal bulb. This is a unique, specialty item. When on as normal, with parking lights, it shines a nice, pure white color, and when you activate the turn signals at any time, it flashes an amber color. Two colors, for an awesome lighting effect!

- Bulb = 1157
- Brightness = 172 Lumens
- Color Changes = Amber to White LEDs
- Sold as Pair
- Plug And Play no modifications needed

- When lights are activated the bulbs illuminate WHITE.  When you activate your turn signals the light in that direction will flash AMBER.  When you deactivate the turn signal the light will go revert back and illuminate WHITE again.
- The same applies when you activate the Hazards

2008-2014 WRX
2008-2014 STI

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