Diode Dynamics Butyl Headlight Sealant


Universal Butyl Headlamp Sealant (DD4048) by Diode Dynamics. Light Color: Cool White. Quantity: 1 Piece. Color: Black. Overall Length: 20'. Operational Temperature: No. Diameter: 7 mm. Easy to work with. Properly reseal any headlamp or tail lamp and protect against moisture ingress with Diode Dynamics Butyl Headlight Sealant! This new and improved sealant rope was designed specifically for headlamps, with a firmer composition than auto-store windshield glue. This makes it easy to work with, without causing a sticky mess. Each roll comes with 20 feet of butyl, enough to reseal two large headlamps.

- Butyl Headlamp Sealant Single
- Automotive-grade butyl sealant
- Easy to work with, no sticky mess
- Standard black color
- 20 feet long (enough to reseal two large headlamps)
- 7mm diameter, designed to fit directly in headlamp channels
- 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee
- Warranty: 3-year warranty
- Will surely fit your lighting needs
- Developed for the safest and most efficient lighting solution


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Color Black
Manufacturer Diode Dynamics
Price 18.00
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