Digital Guard Dawg iKEY Proximity Smart Keyless Push Button Start System Plus Remote Start

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For the Ultimate KEYLESS experience The iKey is our most advanced RFID Keyless system yet, fully replicating the complete keyless operation found on today’s most advanced luxury vehicles. iKey combines “Hands Free” Keyless Access, Keyless Security and Keyless Ignition all into one system. Now you can “Go Keyless” with any vehicle you own! The iKey uses advanced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology from Texas Instruments, to provide you the ultimate in convenience and protection for your vehicle. No more frustration from searching or fumbling around with keys or remotes. You simply place one of the systems RFID key fobs in your wallet, pocket or purse. As you approach your vehicle, your RFID key fob is detected and your vehicle's doors instantly unlock. Just climb in, and with a push of the Start Button your engine roars to life. When you exit your vehicle, you just walk away.  As you leave the systems frequency range, your doors will automatically lock and iKey’s advanced two stage security system will self-arm leaving your vehicle securely protected. It’s Impossible to forget to protect your vehicle!

Keyless Features:
- iKey uses exclusive DFDE (Dual Frequency - Dual Encryption) communication technology
- Each iKey is completely unique, one of over 6 billion different codes
- Visual confirmation when you leave your vehicle, iKey will alert you with three quick flashes and siren chirps as you walk away from your vehicle
- Dual Antenna System - iKey will effectively operate on everything from a small sub-compact to full size SUV.  The Systems dual antenna design guarantees consistent range and performance regardless of vehicle type
- Extended Range up to 200 feet / Car finder / Panic Alert Function
- Ignition Triggered Lock / Unlock
- Dual Color LED (high output blue / red led warns would-be thieves your vehicle is protected and keeps you informed of system status
- Emergency Bypass Cards = Just hold the Bypass Card next to your windshield for 6 seconds and doors will unlock and you will be able to start your engine
- REMOTE START Included FREE (Built Into Main Module)

- Operating Voltage = 12 Volt
- Current Handling = 4 x 40 amps
- Current Max = 200A in-rush
- Accessory Circuits = 4

- About 3 hours maybe less really depends on the installer.
- An Immobilizer Bypass (Check with installer they may like to work with one specifically)
- Any Shop / Store that can install Alarms such as Viper will have no problem installing this kit.

- 1 x Module Unit (Alarm / Push Start Button / Remote Start)
- 2 x Key Fobs
- 1 x Flat Push Start Button (can be installed anywhere or over key cylinder)
- 2 x Emergency Bypass Cards (Passive Transponder)
- 2 x Extender Antennas
- All Wiring / LEDs
- Installation Manual / Instructions

Universal (works on ANY car / sub / truck 12V)

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