DeatschWerks DW440 440lph Brushless Fuel Pump w/ Single Speed Controller Universal


DeatschWerks DW440 Fuel Pump. Once you start adding go-fast performance products that increase power, torque, and boost, then you have to start upgrading your fuel system to supplement the fuel flow needed for such modifications. This fuel pump is compatible with many fuels including E-85 and will come provided with a filter kit making it ready for the installation.

- Capable of flowing 440 LPH at 40 psi
- Single-speed controller option which allows you to run the pump at 100% duty cycle constantly
- Capable of supporting 1000HP on gasoline and 750 HP on E85
- Brushless design

- 1 x DW400 Pump
- 1 x Filter
- 1 x Hose
- 1 x Wiring Harness


More Information
Color Silver
Manufacturer Deatschwerks
Price 489.00
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