Cusco Power Brace Rear Member 2015-2021 WRX / STI

6A1 492 RM

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Cusco's Power Braces stiffen your vehicle which in turn increases performance. They attach to key parts of the vehicle. Combine different Cusco pieces for the ultimate experience.

- Strong aluminum construction
- Powder-coated in Cusco's flagship blue finish
- Designed to connect the rear suspension together to improve handling and driver feedback under high-performance driving conditions
- Strengthens the integrity and rigidity of the chassis
- Improves the handling
- Improves driver feedback
- Ideal for spirited canyon driving or competition use

- 1 x Cusco Rear Power Brace
- 4 x Washers (reuses OEM bolts)

2015-2021 WRX
2015-2021 STI

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