Cusco Power Brace Crossmember

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The Cusco Powerbrace Cross Member for the 2008-2014 WRX STI is the central point of the vehicle where the suspension, engine, and transmission all apply their stress on. Reinforcing this high-stress load area becomes a necessity in order for your Subaru to perform at its peak potential, as well as for the chassis to endure more output from the power train. The Cusco replacement cross member prevents unwanted chassis flex and keeps the suspension alignment more static. This leads to better steering response, a more stable car, and longer suspension life. Thorough ANSYS testing and simulation, as well as real-world tests, ensure you are getting a quality product that works. Installation is a bolt-on affair and all factory hardware is reused.

- Durable aluminum construction
- Powder-coated Cusco flagship blue
- Increases the chassis rigidity
- Reduces overall chassis flex
- Improves handling and response
- Improves driver feedback

2008-2014 Subaru WRX
2008-2014 Subaru STI

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Color Blue
Manufacturer Cusco
Price 264.60
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