APR Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Vents 2015-2021 WRX / STI

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The APR Brake Cooling Ducts are aerodynamically-optimized to "funnel in" massive amounts of air. Also known as the venturi effect, when the vehicle speed increases, this funneled-in air increases in both pressure and velocity as it passes from the larger frontal area into the smaller pipe section of the brake duct. When matched with appropriate high-temperature air duct hoses (not included - purchase hoses from your favorite racing-supply shop), the APR Brake Cooling Ducts will help to channel in large volumes of fresh air to help cool down red-hot brake rotors lap after lap on the track.

- Carbon Fiber Construction
- This component is formed in the autoclave at high temperatures using pre-pregnated carbon fiber manufacturing processes, for high strength and low weight.
- UV Resistant Coating
- Each Air Duct is finished with UV-resistant clear-coat paint for resistance against various environmental conditions (take care of this as you would take care of your vehicle's paint finish — polish then coat with good-quality wax or synthetic protectant).


- 1 Pair of Rear Bumper Vents (Both sides)
- 12 x Stainless Steel Nuts


- This product requires cutting into the bumper.  We would suggest using painters blue tape and a sharpie to mark to make a cut template.
- Does not come with Mesh
- We would also suggest buying Nylon (plastic) Washers for a safer installation


2015-2021 WRX
2015-2021 STI

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Color Carbon Fiber
Manufacturer APR
Stock Status MFG Drop Shipped
Price 489.00
Sales Price 415.65
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