AMS Turbine Housing Adaptor Kit 3.5L EcoBoost Ford F-150 / Raptor 2015-2020


AMS is proud to offer the AMS 3.5L EcoBoost F150 Turbine Housing Adaptors! Our Engineers designed this product to let your EcoBoost turbos breathe. More flow equals more power. These are clean sheet-designed components,s not a reworked OEM pieces. The smooth transitions help the hot exhaust gases to pass easily out of the turbo reducing back pressure which helps the turbos spool faster. These easily install in between the turbo and the downpipes so when you upgrade to the AMS F150 Downpipes you will want to upgrade to the AMS outlet flange adaptors at the same time.

- Wider mouth lets turbos breathe
- Nearly 55% more internal cross-sectional area
- Largest turbine housing adaptor on the market
- Minimum ID 64mm (+20.8%)
- Maximum ID 76.5mm (+44.3%)
- Internal Cross Sectional Area 34.12cm2 (+54.8%)
- More flow = More power
- Lets the turbos spool faster
- New castings not machined OEM flanges
- Precision CNC machined surfaces
- 304 Stainless Steel construction
- Matches OEM gasket profile
- Designed to perform best with our F150 downpipes
- Installs easily in between the turbine housing and downpipes

- Installation Instructions =
- Hardware is not included but required to be replaced during installation
- W520514-S440 Ford – Catalytic Converter Nut
- W716667-S900 Ford – Catalytic Converter Stud
- BL3Z-9450-A Ford – Turbocharger Gasket

2011-2020 Ford 3.5L F150 Ecoboost
2017-2020 Ford Raptor 3.5L

More Information
Color Stainless Steel
Manufacturer AMS
Price 145.45
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