AMS Intake Manifold A90 2020-2022 Toyota GR Supra

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As horsepower numbers rise, so do temperatures through the GR Supra’s intercooling system. In order to cool down that hot intake charge air coming from the turbocharger, you need a highly efficient heat exchange process which is where the AMS Performance 2020+ Toyota GR Supra Intake Manifold comes in. With our unique parallel twin-core design, we are able to route coolant flow in the most efficient way possible giving us unparalleled cooling efficiency over the competition. The AMS Performance 2020+ Toyota GR Supra Intake Manifold also provides for an auxiliary port fuel injection solution by way of its flush-mounted -8AN fuel rail, giving the atomized fuel a nearly unimpeded path to the combustion chamber. Our superior engineering yields superior results.

The 3.0L B58 engine found in the GR Supra is a BMW-sourced German engineering marvel. Unfortunately, the factory direct injection system is not conducive to making high horsepower or using ethanol flex-fuel, which has led many owners to install port fuel injector spacers sandwiched between the cylinder head and factory intake manifold. During the R&D process of the AMS Performance 2020+ Toyota GR Supra Intake Manifold, our team knew they wanted to incorporate an optimally designed secondary port fuel injection solution as an option for customers. By moving the injector ports onto the manifold runners themselves, we are able to properly angle injector nozzles directly at the intake valve and combustion chamber instead of at the wall of the intake runners where fuel can puddle. Our team went one step further with this concept by flush mounting the -8AN fuel rail to the manifold and pocketing the runners to allow the injectors to have an even more direct path to spray perfectly

- Fuel rail is designed for Bosch injectors such as Injector Dynamics 1050. Other Bosch injectors may be compatible with 14mm bore lower and upper o-rings and no top cap.
- Does not fit with OEM engine cover.
- Designed for use with OEM oil filter cap. Aftermarket oil filter cap fitment is not guaranteed.

- AMS Performance Intake Manifold w/ Parallel Air-to-Water Intercooler Cores
- AMS Performance Auxiliary Fuel Rail and Port Plugs (Injectors Available Separately)
- AMS Performance Ancillary Components — Including all Hardware, Lines, and Fittings

2020-2022 Toyota GR Supra

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