Aeromotive A1000 Gen-II EFI Regulator


This next-generation A1000 EFI regulator features legendary Aeromotive flow and pressure control in a new body, profiled for reduced size and weight. This new, patented design features a deep, bright-dip black anodized finish on the cap and base, with AN spec ORB (o-ring boss) style inlet/outlet and return ports.  In addition to the aesthetic enhancements, this next-generation version A1000 regulator provides a distinct visual cue that you’ve purchased a genuine, Aeromotive EFI regulator, ensuring our valued customers are not tricked into purchasing an inferior, knock-off or counterfeit component like so many flooding the market from across the ocean.

- Engineered for A1000 class and smaller pumps.
- Gas, ethanol, methanol, and diesel compatible.
- 40-75 PSI adjustable base pressure range.
- 1:1 vacuum/boost reference capability.
- 1/8 NPT dedicated gauge port.
- 2 x ORB inlet/outlet ports
- 1 x ORB return port.

Universal -6 Fittings

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Color Black
Manufacturer Aeromotive
Price 242.63
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