AEM X-Series Tru-Boost Boost Controller Gauge


The AEM TRU-BOOST Gauge-Type Controller offers the best of both worlds for controlling boost systems. The gauge offers an on-board 29PSIg pressure sensor, easily read with a three-digit digital readout, as well as a needle-like LED indicator spinning around the rim.  Over boost protection is built in with two timed shutdown levels, but this gauge offers more control than other gauges. The two buttons on the side let you adjust for more or less boost as you drive. The boost control solenoid is custom made for boosting, so it won’t rust or stick from exposure to richer fuel mixtures, and it’s pressure-tested to 100 psi.

- No external interface required for programming!
Complete system includes harness, boost hose, on-board 29 psig pressure sensor (external 75 psia optional), boost solenoid, gauge display and all necessary fittings.
Quick connect technology eases the installation process.
Two user selectable boost settings with peak boost memory
Gauge Size = 52mm

Scramble boost setting allows user to momentarily change boost levels
User selectable Over boost alarm includes two timed shutdown levels at 10% and 20% Over boost
User configurable gauge includes 24 scalable LEDs, and interchangeable bezel, pin guide and face plate to customize look of display
One (1) low-side output included for warning lights


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Color Black
Manufacturer AEM
Price 336.57
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