ACT Heavy Duty 6-Puck Disc Clutch 2004-2021 STI


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SB10-HDG6 kit features ACT's most popular Heavy Duty pressure plate. ACT Heavy Duty pressure plates use an exclusive diaphragm design to increase clamp load, reduce deflection and maximize clutch life. All diaphragms endure a four-stage, heat-treating process for unparalleled performance. ACT pressure plates have precision cover stamping to provide rigidity and consistency. ACT's 6-pad spring-centered race disc features a spring-center construction to properly damp torsional vibrations and resist failure under harsh conditions.

- Torque Capacity (ft/lbs.): 660
- Torque Capacity Over OE: 86%
- SFI: N/A
- Disc Type: Race Disc
- Spline Count: 24
- Spline Size (in.): 1
- Disc Diameter (in.): 9.4
- Disc Diameter (mm.): 240
- Pressure Plate Type: Heavy Duty

2004-2007 STI
2008-2014 STI
2015-2021 STI
2007-2009 Legacy GT spec.B

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