SMY Performance is proud to offer our US military and First Response employees discounts on the items we sell. Due to several regulations, discounts vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. We DO NOT disclose any discount amounts to anyone who is not approved first. To be eligible to get your account unlocked to use the special code please read through the following information and requirements.

Email Us = [email protected]Include in your email the following information.
1 - A copy of your military ID or Emergency Response Providers ID. ONLY your PICTURE and NAME showing is required.  We know it is illegal to photograph your ID which is why we ask you to cover up everything but your name and picture
2 - A Copy of your Drivers License.  The names must match ****
3 - Email Account which is active on our website

Please make sure all other information is covered or we will delete the email. Also, make sure you have an active account on our website. Do Not create a new account. Make sure all your information is input correctly. Once these credentials are sent over we will confirm and update your account to and email you a code to use. At this time we are only accepting those who live, serve, and work in the USA.

***Due to NEW regulations, we will ONLY be allowing the owner of the credentials to order parts and to ship parts to the State their ID is located.  This is to ONLY give discounts to the people who really supposed to get the discounts.  Violators will lose their discounts and will not be able to get the discounts again 

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