SMY ClusterMaker was founded in 2010 by a true Subaru enthusiast. Using my own 2009 WRX I spent days contemplating a possible answer to many people's questions. Where the hell do I put my gauges in the GR WRX, while keeping it as clean as possible???  After creating a few prototypes I finally got the pod locations down to their final spot. Within a short period, the Dual Gauge pod for the GR models became a HUGE hit and the #1 gauge pod solution for that model worldwide.  With a perfect OEM matching texture, OEM matching color, dual 52mm gauge pods, and most importantly a perfect fit; no other company can match our design. A design is so perfect that a company that has two ideas was no match so they decided "If you can't beat them, join them".  What they lacked was a perfect texture and color match. So make sure you are buying a genuine SMY product.

From there parts came pouring out, making pods for the GD WRX/STI models and VA WRX/STI models which became a huge success because of how perfect they were.  The SMY brand did not stop there, venturing off to fix the community problem areas that included fueling and suspension mods.  The industry was plagued with manufacturers who refused to be honest or make products that were high quality.

Today we are one of the only small manufacturers that make a large variety of products for the VB WRX models. Hopefully, our ever-changing product line and quality improvements will open the eyes of the larger manufacturers to offer better product


SMY Lifetime Warranty

SMY was started and stuck with the same values. If we won't buy the product why would we think you will. When it comes to quality the SMY team of desisners and engineers stand on common ground. To make products that last, products that you can be happy you spent your money on that is why we happily offer a Lifetime Warranty on our line of products.