PERRIN Wing Stabilizers 2015-2021 STI

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The PERRIN STI Wing Stabilizer reduces flex and bounce in your wing while adding WRC styling. Fitting perfectly between the wing and trunk lid, the PERRIN Wing Stabilizer supports your wing from excessive vibration and vertical movement, eradicating bounce in the wing. Simply place the stabilizer(s) under the wing and secure it using our 3M VHB tape. This makes the installation of our stabilizer a solid yet completely reversible upgrade. The PERRIN Wing Stabilizer has a tapering airfoil shape which reduces drag and greatly reduces the possibility of added noise. Molded from black plastic with an OEM-like texture, wing stabilizers look good right out of the box or paint them for a color-matched OEM look.

Recommended configurations include using a single stabilizer to eliminate wing bounce all together and two or three stabilizers for an aggressive WRC look.

2015-2021 STI

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