Perrin Performance Polyurethane Exhaust Hanger - 12mm

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Why do you need exhaust hangers?  When new, OEM rubber exhaust hangers are fine for the stock exhaust system. But they simply don't hold up or perform well in performance applications. Over time rubber breaks down and increases the amount of exhaust system movement. This excessive movement can damage the exhaust system as well as allow the hot tip to contact the bumper.

- Polyurethane construction
- Red finish
- 12mm exhaust hanger size
- 35mm in length from center to center
-75a Durometer Rating (OEM is 55a)
- Sold individually


2008-2014 WRX
2008-2014 STI
2015-2021 STI
2015-2021 WRX
2005-2009 Outback XT
2005-2009 Legacy GT
2013-2020 BRZ
2022+ WRX

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