Perrin Performance Oil Cooler Kit 2015-2021 WRX


Reduce engine oil temperatures, extend engine life, and keep your horsepower consistent with a PERRIN oil cooler. In racing conditions engine oil temperature skyrockets. This causes decreased engine performance and reduces the oil's ability to properly lubricate. A well designed engine oil cooling system like the PERRIN Oil Cooler Kit will help keep temperatures within the desired temperature range, thus maintaining performance and prolonging engine life. Most setups can see a drop of approximately 15°-20°F at 7000 RPM.

- Setrab Core
- Core Rows = 13
- Core Type = Tube Fin
- Integrated Thermostat Opens = 185°F or 80°C
- Hoses Rated for 250 PSI and 300°F

- 1 x PERRIN Oil Cooler core
- 1 x PERRIN Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter
- 1 x PERRIN Oil Filter Spacer
- 1 x Oil line assembly, short
- 1 x Oil line assembly, long
- 1 x Oil cooler core mounting bracket, left
- 1 x Oil cooler core mounting bracket, right
- 1 x Threaded Extender For Sandwich Adapter
- 2 x -10 AN Fitting
- 2 x Dowty seal fittings
- 1 x Subaru oil filter
- 1 x Subaru oil filter adapter
- 1 x O-ring for oil filter spacer
- 1 x 14" long 3M tape strip
- 1 x M6 fender washer
- 8 x M6 button head socket cap screws
- 7 x M6 flat washers
- 1 x 1/2"-1/2" connector
- 10 x Zip ties
- PERRIN License Plate Frame
- Warranty, instructions, stickers

2015-2021 WRX

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Color Black
Manufacturer Perrin Performance
Price 809.10
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