JDM Genuine STI Flexible Strut Tower Bar 2015-2020 WRX/STI

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STI believes that it is important to improve road-holding abilities of wheels in order to allow the driver to control the car much like an extension of their own body. The Flexible Tower Bar is an STI original product which has been developed to achieve such a goal. Unlike a conventional rigid bar, the Flexible Tower Bar is split and joined with pillow ball joints in the center to be longitudinally mobile while helping laterally stiffen the body of the car.  Different from a rigid bar which is designed just to increase rigidity of the body of a car, the concept behind this bar is to constantly enhance traction of the wheels by strongly holding in a transverse direction at the same time as moderately handling the impact from the ground, in order to realize a ‘flexible yet elegant driving feel’.  As a result, responsiveness at the time of steering improves without compromising comfort, which allows the driver to actually feel that the car can turn as intended, and when they want to go straight, it provides a stable drive without too much impact from uneven road surfaces. As described, this product will further deepen your pleasure of driving.


What to Expect:
- Responsiveness of the car improves, which delivers spontaneous proper steering.
- As steering requires less attention from a driver, they can be more attentive to the surrounding environment such as pedestrians crossing the road and cars running side by side, and thus feel at ease and relaxed to drive.
- The Flexible Tower Bar exerts its effect even at low speeds such as when a car is in reverse. It allows a driver to eliminate unnecessary steering maneuvers because they can control the car exactly as they intend to do. As a result, they can calmly comprehend the environment including the movement of their own car and position of other vehicles.
- Furthermore it stabilizes the car when running, so passengers do not have to strain their body muscles and feet to support themselves against jolting, and the risk of carsickness is reduced. Therefore not only the driver but also all passengers in the car can be more comfortable and enjoy the ride.

- Flexible Tower Bar
- Installs in 10 Min or less

- 1 x Flexible STI Strut Tower Bar
- 1 x Set of Mounting Nuts

2015-2020 WRX
2015-2020 STI

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Color Stainless Steel
Manufacturer JDM Parts
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