iBR Subaru FA20 DIT Ultimate Intake Manifold 2015-2021 WRX

MFG Drop Shipped
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8-11 week Build Time (as of 5/1/2021)

Our intake manifold was designed with the latest in CFD flow modeling with designs being optimized around the dynamic flow conditions found inside of intake manifolds. The design looks different than anything else on the market for good reason. Controlling air velocities at every point in the manifold is critical to good flow throughout the RPM range. Nothing in this manifold has constant cross section or tube like features, every curve and cross section was analyzed and engineered for optimum efficiency.
The manifold can either be run with or without secondary shower injection This makes it great for pushing the limits on the stock fuel system while still giving you the option to add fuel later on. The shower injection sprays the fuel down into the individual bell mouths for each cylinder allowing more time for the fuel to phase change and further cool the intake charge, this will really increase the cooling potential for high ethanol blends in flex fuel equipped cars.
There are ample connections to the intake manifold for all the OEM boost reference and vacuum ports plus room for expansion. When adding secondary fuel systems or extra gauges the added NPT ports and included barbed fittings will make everything look like it was designed to be that way.
The modular assembly of this manifold is a unique design feature that allows the ultimate in flexibility never before seen in the Subaru market. The runners, caps and center are separate to allow for future proofing and flexibility. Eventually we will have manifolds for other engines and platforms which makes something like an FA24 upgrade more economical when only the lower runners will need to be replaced and the rest of the manifold is re-used. Also while not on the market yet we are excited to think about things like larger throttle bodies or integrated intercooling as potential upgrades down the road! This manifold will grow right along with the FA platform and whatever challenges your build throws at it along the way.

Q = Does this work with a top mount?
A =  No. The throttle body can point either forward or reverse by reversing the center section of the manifold but it will not be in the stock location and just the size of the manifold will interfere with a normal TMIC.

Q = What intercooler kits work with this manifold?
A = As part of our design we wanted to make this as easy as possible. We conveniently located the throttle body in the same location as with our BRZ manifold adapter kits. This allows you to run PRL or ETS kits with their optional BRZ manifold tubing or any other custom tubing that was designed for our BRZ manifold adapter kit. If you already have the BRZ manifold on your car then you have all the intercooler piping you need.

Q = Can I buy it with fuel rails now even if I am not going to add secondary injection right away?
A = Yes! Absolutely, all of our kits will come with the injector block off plates even if you buy it with the fuel rail package. This allows you to save some money up front and the manifold will be ready for a fuel upgrade when you are.

Q = I keep seeing it called “Shower” Injection, what is the difference between that and “Port” Injection?
A = For the most part it's the same thing, the main difference is the location of the injectors, they are both really just a form of secondary injection. In general port injection is much closer to the intake valves where shower injection sprays the fuel into the plenum or bell mouths. Shower injection is not great for getting an engine to idle or low load situations but is far better at taking advantage of the phase change cooling effects of most fuels especially ethanol. When running the shower injection system as a secondary fuel source it won't be firing at idle or low loads. You end up getting the best of both worlds with the shower injection and direct injection that way.

Q = You say that professional installation is recommended, can I install this manifold at home in my garage?
A = It can be done in a garage but only by very experience home mechanics. The manifold is designed to be flexible for custom builds but that also makes it so you have to understand all the connections to the manifold and how to plumb them. You will absolutely need extra vacuum lines and to move some factory parts like re-bending the A/C line to go around the side of the plenum. Performance and HP were our primary design concerns, and even though we took into account access for installation it is a more difficult install than TGVs or the BRZ manifold adapter kits. Any performance shop would be able to complete this install easily since they have the experience and tools to get it done.

2015-2021 WRX

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Color Black
Manufacturer iBR
Stock Status MFG Drop Shipped
Price 1,499.99
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