HKS HiperMax IV SP Coilovers 2015-2021 WRX / STI

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HKS Max IV SP Coilovers are the ultimate for a car with high grip street tires. These coilovers are designed to give you the most feedback possible so you can feel connected to the road and able to push the car to its limits on the race track. While it offers some of the best feedback we've seen, it's also surprisingly conformable for a daily driver.  These HKS Coilovers are a direct bolt-on and feature a single tube damper design. Each kit comes complete with dust boots and a special PNE coating that provides durability over standard coatings on other coilovers. This coating helps with easier height adjustment over time since it ensures the adjustment threads don't get build up.  HKS builds their coilovers to be as light as possible, thinking of every metric of performance. For most vehicles, the coilover bracket, ride height adjusters and lock nuts are made from high-quality lightweight aluminum. With all of these features, HKS knows that most customers will be driving their cars on the street. So in order to have their track-focused coilovers be as streetable as possible, HKS increased the cylinder shaft size so it can maintain firm dampening even at a little stroke to have a better driving experience. In addition, newly designed coilover needles were designed to ensure everything from low to mid to high-speed driving has more comfortable dampening characteristics.

- Single Tube Design 30 step adjustable dampening
- Shock body length adjustable
- Special HKS Coilover Oil
- PNE Coating
- M Shaft (Normal Type)
- Aluminum Brackets (most models)
- Pillowball Upper Mount
- Inverted Strut Type Only

- Spring Length (Front): 170mm
- Spring Rate (Rear): 98N/mm (10kgf/mm)

- Front Upper Mount: Spherical Bearing
- Damping Force (Front): 1991m/sec (Rebound) 373m/sec (Compression)
- Damping Force (Rear): 726m/sec (Rebound) 147m/sec (Compression)
- Spring Rate (Front): 118N/mm (12kgf/mm)
- Lowering (Rear): -36mm (From 0 to -66mm)
- Rear Upper Mount: Spherical Bearing
- Spring Length (Rear): 170mm
- Lowering (Front): -26mm (From 0 to -71mm)

2015-2021 WRX
2015-2021 STI

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Color Black
Manufacturer HKS
Price 1,760.00
Sales Price 1,640.00
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