Dimple 3/4" JNPT Rear Differential Magnetic Drain Plug WRX / STI


This drain plug features a custom design with a deeper 3/8? diameter magnet. Two of these plugs will compliment the rear differential housing for any Subaru except a 2014-present Outback or Forester. One is used for the fill plug and the other is used for the drain plug.

- Location = Rear Differential
- Size = 3/4 JNPT
- Made of the strongest high-temperature grade neodymium magnets
- Holds magnetism at well over 300F
- Traps metallic elements in microns floating in the oil

- 1 x 3/4 JNPT Magnetic Drain Plug

2002-2007 WRX
2004-2007 STI
2008-2014 WRX
1998-2013 Forester
1990-2013 Legacy
2000-2011 Outback

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