Chemical Guys EightyAID Alcohol Antiseptic 80 Percent Topical Solution Hand Sanitizer - 16oz

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EightyAID Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution is a fast-drying, non-tacky hand sanitizer spray that helps reduce germs on your hands for a lightning fast clean without water or towels!

- Clean & sanitize your hands anywhere, anytime
- Wash without running water
- Help eliminate germs
- Sanitize your hands in mere seconds
- Fast acting, fast-drying formula

Give It A Rub. You'll Like It:
Instantly cleanse with the power of 80% alcohol. Need a quick cleanse before lunch, a refresh between meetings, or extra security after using your hand soap? eightyAID Hand Sanitizer works on contact. While other hand sanitizers are only 60% or 70% alcohol, EightyAid is 80% alcohol for maximum efficacy and germ-fighting power! This hand sanitizer quickly reduces the number of microbes on hands and leaves your hands feeling smooth and clean.

How To Use:
- Spray EightyAID all over your hands.
- Rub hands together to ensure all surfaces are covered.
- Continue rubbing until the product is dry. This could take up to 20 seconds.


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Color White
Manufacturer Chemical Guys
Stock Status MFG Drop Shipped
Price 9.99
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