Chemical Guys Big MoFo Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt

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The Big MoFo Wash Mitt is a gigantic slab of plush microfiber chenille that pulls of abrasive dirt, grit, and grime without scratching or swirling paint to quickly clean extra-large vehicles.

- Tackle the filthiest and largest trucks
- Clean off the entire exterior of large RVs
- Drastically reduce the chances of swirling
- Gently maintain filthy off-road vehicles
- Pull off intense dirt, grime, and grease

Extra Plush, Absorbent, and Soft:
Big bad lifted trucks, RVs, buses, and trailers can only be handled by big bad mofos. This big, plush mitt measures 12’’ square, and over 4’’ thick. Don’t be surprised if you pull out half the wash water after dunking in the bucket: the Big MoFo Mitt holds a LOT of water, soap, and suds! The plush microfiber noodles of the Big MoFo absorb tons of clean wash suds, and put it down on filthy paint.

How To Use:
- Use two buckets: fill one bucket with 5 gallons of water and 1 - 3 oz of Chemical Guys car wash soap and the other with plain water.
- Rinse your car, then wash in straight lines with the soapy mitt.
- After cleaning a panel or two, dip the dirty mitt in the bucket of plain water to loosen the embedded dirt, then wring it out on the ground.
- Return to the soap bucket and continue to wash the whole car.
- Rinse away all soap and dirt from the car, then dry with premium microfiber towels.


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